Also Known As Alma[1]
From Demon's Crest
Type of Character Boss
Arma, also known as Alma (アルマ Aruma) in Japan, is an antagonist from Demon's Crest. Arma was born after the war of the Crests with rare attributes. Being a relatively young demon with thriving vigor and blessed with strong wings and innate magic, he caught the eye of Phalanx, who added him as aide to his mercenary troops. Arma achieved exceptional success in a short period of time, and was soon honored by Phalanx with the position of general and regarded as one of the strongest demons in the Demon Realm, being often compared with the red demon Firebrand. Due to his high pride, he desires to confront the crimson demon.

During the game, Arma challenges Firebrand three times, each with different tactics. The first time he is fought is in the end of stage I, where he uses the Crest of Earth and escapes after taking enough hits, dropping the crest. The second battle is in stage IV, where he uses the Crest of Air and, impressed with Firebrand's power, escapes after taking enough hits and drops the crest. The last encounter is in stage VI, where he uses the Crest of Time and fights to the death. After being fatally injured, he admits Firebrand has great power and leaves the crest to him.

If the player finishes the game without fighting Arma for the third time, Arma mentions that he didn't expect that Phalanx would be defeated, and as the one that defeats the king shall rule, the next time may be his turn.

References Edit

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