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Breager, the user of the Black Light.

"When Ghoul Realm is covered with the black light, it's the crisis of the Ghoul Realm. The Black Light will bring death and destruction everywhere. But there is one hope for us. That's a red gargoyle. He will turn into the Red Blaze and seal the Black Light." - Old legend from the Ghoul Realm told by Lethe.

The Black Light (くろいひかり Kuroi Hikari) is a mysterious light that consumed the whole Ghoul Realm in Gargoyle's Quest II with death and destruction. With this consuming wave, Breager took over the Ghoul Realm. A zombie in Gibea shows that it is possible to prevent death from it with the power of Maelstrom, but it will still severely harm the victim.

It is apparently a magic from another dimension, and only the Red Blaze can erase it with Darkfire. In the fight with King Breager, only Darkfire can hurt him. It can also destroy the (presumably) Black Light shot. It also seems to be the power used to hypnotize demons.[1]


  1. "I'm Demogorgon. The black light represents King Breager's tremendous destructive power. His mysterious army is controlled by his psychic power. Now it's time for you to prove that you are the true Red Blaze and defeat King Breager."