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|'''Fighting Ability'''||4/7 (experienced fighter)
|'''Fighting Ability'''||4/7 (experienced fighter)
==Other media==
[[File:ArchieFirebrand.png|thumb|Firebrand in Worlds Unite]]
===Archie Comics===
Firebrand appears in the crossover Worlds Unite. When [[Arthur]] entered in [[Astaroth]]'s castle and challenges him to free the [[Princess Prin Prin|Pricess]], Astaroth orders Firebrand to fight against Arthur. Before their battle start, [[w:c:megaman:Zain|Zain]] and [[w:c:megaman:Geemel|Geemel]] appear from a portal, followed by [[w:c:megaman:Zero/Archie Comics|Zero]] and [[w:c:sonic:Bunnie D'Coolette|Bunnie Rabbot]]. After learning of the current events, Astaroth makes a temporary truce with Arthur and orders Firebrand to join him in the battle against [[w:c:megaman:Sigma/Archie Comics|Sigma]].
== Gallery==
== Gallery==

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Also Known As Red Arremer
From Gargoyle's Quest, Gargoyle's Quest II, Demon's Crest
Type of Character Playable
Note: This article only covers games where a Red Arremer is named Firebrand, as it is not guaranteed that a Red Arremer is Firebrand.

Firebrand, known only as Red Arremer in Japan, is the main character from the Gargoyle's Quest series, a mighty red gargoyle-like demon that has apparently lived for over a millenia (Phalanx states that Firebrand was once defeated by him "a thousand years ago", plus he was roaming the Ghoul Realm (Makai) from prehistoric times). He belongs to a race of gargoyle demons known as Red Arremers, considered the elite warriors of devil king Astaroth due to their skills in the arts of war. He has massive claws, powerful wings and a reinforced skull for headbutting. He is a master of fire breath magic.

Firebrand is considered a hero among his peers, and as such he has been nicknamed "Red Blaze" due to his bright red skin and prowess with fiery magic. He descends from a lineage of mutant red gargoyles that also saved the Makai in their time, and thus, has hidden powers that usually manifest when he obtains magical artifacts that act as catalysts by mere touch (IE: Gremlin Stick, Candle of Darkness).


The order of his adventures is a bit confusing. A commonly accepted timeline is Gargoyle's Quest II - Gargoyle's Quest - Demon's Crest. His history is organized based on this accepted yet unofficial timeline.

Gargoyle's Quest II

As a really young but courageous Red Arremer, Firebrand was already training in other realms to become someday a true warrior of the Makai. However, despite not having completed his current practice mission, he had to return to the Makai and embark on a journey on his own to stop the menace of the undead king of destruction, Breager, who was plotting to overtake the whole realm of the Makai from the ruling monarchy using his endless minions controlled by the evil king's psychic power.

As Firebrand collected mystical artifacts while approaching Breager's keep, his latent powers start to develop, making him stronger than ever before even at his young (for a red arremer) age. However, to unleash his true potential he needed the Candle of Infinity that Lucifer had; after a battle to prove his worth, Firebrand receives from Lucifer the candle, unsealing the secrets to master arcane dark fire magic none of his kind could ever achieve anymore. After discovering his heritage, Firebrand finally confronts Breager, slaying the evil king as he promises vengueance. The king of the Makai is then released from Breager's seal, wiping out the evil king's whole army. As a reward, Firebrand is sent to oversee the recently born human race in another realm (the human world), and is told that he can try conquering it if he wants.

Gargoyle's Quest

Firebrand Gargoyle's Quest

Firebrand as he appears in Gargoyle's Quest

The first game, but second in the timeline. An undefined number of years after Breager's defeat, Firebrand is back from the primitive Earth realm and has resumed his training on Etruria, his own village, ruled by king Morock (Astaroth). Somehow, his powers have gone dormant once again. One day, while doing practice in a pocket dimension, a sinister black light covers Etruria. From the darkness emerges an army of destroyers, wiping out most of the villagers and leaving Morock badly wounded. Firebrand is ordered by him to report these events to the ruling king of the Makai at once, dying shortly after.

Firebrand goes through a painstaking journey to get to the palace of the king, slowly recovering his dormant powers and gaining some new ones. On the way, he meets Hecate, a fallen angel of the night, who tells him that the black light is a manifestation of Breager's mind, and gives Firebrand her own wings as a catalyst to empower his own. When he finally arrives, most of the townsfolk are bewitched under an imposter posing as the king. Firebrand slays the imposter, who recognizes him as the red blaze just before dying.

After these events, Firebrand releases the seal of the real king on top of Mount Imaus, a truly dangerous place. The king informs Firebrand that the one behind the black light is indeed Breager, who is being resurrected by Goza, his lieutenant. But they lack information about the evil king. Firebrand is sent in search of Lethe (Nebiroth), a sage that is said to be the oldest inhabitant of the Makai. Firebrand enters the labyrinth where Lethe resides, conquers himself and gains the right to meet Lethe.

He is told of an old legend that speaks of Firebrand's heritage. Only the fully unleashed power of the Red Blaze's blood can truly destroy the king of destruction. With the help of the now king Lucifer, his queen Verona, and Lethe himself, Firebrand breaks the barrier to Breager's palace, surrounded by overflowing black light. Firebrand breaks through the castle's defenses and destroys Goza, only to be told that Breager has already been fully resurrected. Firebrand is helped by a patron deity of the Makai, Demogorgon, and fully awakens to his blood's heritage. Firebrand finds Breager in the throne room, and destroys him before his full power returns. Firebrand's true power then explodes, setting the whole Makai on a blazing, living fire, dissolving Breager's black light and somehow scorching to death only the foreign destroyers.

The king praises Firebrand for wiping out the entire threat by himself, and Firebrand once again is sent to the now evolved human world to explore its current state, and with permission to stay and rule if he wants to.

Demon's Crest

Firebrand is on a quest to collect all of the elemental Crests, magical stones which preside over their respective elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Time, and Heaven). It is said that when all crests are combined, the Crest of Infinity will appear, allowing its holder infinite power, and the ability to conquer any and all realms with it. However, during his quest, he is gravely wounded in a battle with the demon Somulo in his efforts to claim the Crest of Heaven, and the demon Phalanx uses Firebrand's moment of weakness to attack him and steal all of his crests for himself. Using the crests, Phalanx burns the Demon Realm and puts the blame on Firebrand, who is sealed. Many years later, Firebrand is released in a coliseum with a piece of the Crest of Fire, where he fights a revived Somulo and is forced to destroy him for good to survive. Escaping the coliseum, he goes after Phalanx to reclaim the Crests, obtaining one at a time in his battles against Phalanx's general Arma and in other places.

Whether Firebrand wants them for power, glory, or some sort of revenge is never stated. However, during the True Ending, which is attained once the "Dark Demon" is defeated, it is stated that "Realizing that his true power is not derived from the crests, Firebrand disposed of all the crests." With that information, it can be inferred that Firebrand was perhaps collecting the crests in an attempt to discover said "True Power".

Other appearances

While Firebrand isn't named as such, it is highly implied that he and the Red Arremer Joker in Namco × Capcom are the same character.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Firebrand appears as a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, alongside Arthur who returns from the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Real Name: Firebrand
Occupation: Demon World Knight
Abilities: Can spit fireballs from his mouth, fly (hover) and cling to walls (Hell Climb).
Weapons: None
Profile: Firebrand is a type of Gargoyle known as a Red Arremer. He will stand up to any thread posed to his home, the Demon Village, without any fear. Firebrand is considered to be an elite warrior among the Red Arremers, gaining him hero status among his peers.
First Appearance: Ghosts 'n Goblins (1985)
Power Grid
RatingsUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Intelligence2/7 (normal)
Strength3/7 (peak human)
Speed3/7 (superhuman)
Stamina3/7 (enhanced)
Energy Projection5/7 (long range)
Fighting Ability4/7 (experienced fighter)

Other media


Firebrand in Worlds Unite

Archie Comics

Firebrand appears in the crossover Worlds Unite. When Arthur entered in Astaroth's castle and challenges him to free the Pricess, Astaroth orders Firebrand to fight against Arthur. Before their battle start, Zain and Geemel appear from a portal, followed by Zero and Bunnie Rabbot. After learning of the current events, Astaroth makes a temporary truce with Arthur and orders Firebrand to join him in the battle against Sigma.



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