Ghosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights, known as Makaimura Kishi Retsuden (魔界村騎士列伝, roughly "Demon World Village: Knight Chronicles") in Japan, is a game released for mobile phones on November 10, 2009.


In the past whenever demons threatened to plunge the world into darkness a brave knight would don his trusty armor and defeat them. The knight's hard-won peace was soon overshadowed by a new evil, and demon hordes appeared out of nowhere to steal the souls of many a fair maiden. The princess called for a gathering of all the knights to save the kingdom, and among the assembled knights was the legendary champion of the people, Sir Arthur. The knights tracked the demons back to the Ghoul Realm and swore to recover the maidens and learn the secret of the demons' return.


The game has two playable characters, Arthur and Lancelot, each with differences in their weapons and magic powers. Arthur has better defense, strength, and range. Lancelot's attacks are faster, which improves his offensive, and he is able to stomp enemies. There are four game modes, the main Story mode, a Hard mode that makes the game more difficult, a Boxers mode where the characters start with underwear, and Skeleton mode where the player controls a skeleton that attacks with bones.



  • Knight Armor (Can withstand 4 hits with Arthur, 3 with Lancelot)
  • Powerful Armor (Can withstand 5 hits with Arthur, 4 with Lancelot)

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