Barone Jark

Barone Jark (魔王ジャーク "Demon King Jark") is a character from Gargoyle's Quest. He is important to talk to, as he gives Firebrand the Fingernail of the Spectre if he agrees to help the Barone recover his Gremlin Stick. The Gremlin Stick was given to him by King Darkoan and increases his powers, but it was stolen from him by Breager's forces.

The Fingernail of the Spectre makes Firebrand jump higher, allowing him to pass the bridge, and also helps to avoid enemy attacks.

When Firebrand brings the Gremlin Stick to Jark, he tells him to take the Candle of the Poltergeist to King Drakoan.


  • Jark's appearance is similar to Astaroth and Morock, with them possibly being the same character.
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