Also Known As Skull Satan, Fake King
From Gargoyle's Quest, Gargoyle's Quest II
Type of Character Bosses

Malgor, known as Skull Satan (スカルサタン) in Japan, is one of the strongest enemies in Gargoyle's Quest, and a boss in Gargoyle's Quest II. Its Japanese name suggests that they are Satan skeletons without arms.

Appearances Edit

Gargoyle's Quest Edit

They are uncommon enemies appearing once on top of Darkoan's palace, and more often in areas near the end of the game. When spotted, this skeleton demon pursuits Firebrand relentlessly while he is within its territory. If Firebrand manages to escape its territory, the Malgor will abandon the chase and go back. They can appear in pairs in the final stage, and are able to respawn if you return to where one spawned. They may also ambush Firebrand as random encounters after meeting with Majorita, in which case you are forced to kill them (or get killed) to proceed.

Gargoyle's Quest II Edit

Malgor was one of King Breager's subordinates in charge of impersonating the king of the Demon Realm in Gargoyle's Quest II.

After a difficult journey, Firebrand reaches the capital city of the Demon Realm in order to warn the king of the impending Black Light menace. However, all of its inhabitants were acting strange, only kackling to whatever Firebrand did.

After finally getting an audience with who was supposed to be the king, Firebrand quickly notices something is amiss and refuses to go back to Etruria when the king disregards the Black Light as unimportant. This infuriates the "king", who after dispelling his disguise and revealing himself as the Malgor attacks Firebrand.

His attacks are pretty similar to his earlier counterpart. However, all of his moves are somewhat faster and when resting it closes its wings as defense, nullifying all damage. You are also forced to battle him on a somewhat cramped arena which is peppered with spikes, so this battle can be somewhat difficult if you don't grasp the boss' pattern quickly.

In the end Firebrand slays the creature, which after seeing the red gargoyle's power realizes he is the current Red Blaze, but dies before being able to finish his statement.

After slaying the Malgor, the townsfolk's spell vanishes and they return to normal.

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