From Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Maximo vs. Army of Zin
Type of Character Playable

Maximo is the Knight in the Maximo series.


Maximo: Ghosts to GloryEdit

Maximo is a revised Sir Arthur as a young lad, instead of a battle-hardened Knight of Courage. Think of him as Sir Arthur as steroid-infused teenager, without the beard. He goes after his old backstabbing friend, Achilles who stole his wife & kingdom after killing him. In Limbo, Grim offers Maximo one condition in sending back to the Mortal Realm: Free the souls and the dead Achille stole to amass his his powers and armies. Upon returning to the Boneyard, Maximo starts his quest, hacking down skeletons, ghosts, and other baddies that stand in his way. After overthrowing the Boneyard's master, Ghastly Gus, the sorceress Lenore is freed, and offers her powers (and a reward of your choice) for saving her.

In traveling through the Swamplands, the Frozen Wastes, and the Underworld, Maximo faces hordes of Achille's minions and rescues the three remaining sorceresses: Mamba Marie, Auroura Lee, and Selphonie, after which, the last showdown begins. After performing a one-man siege of his own castle, Maximo confronts Achilles atop the great drill, to stop the power-hungry despot from ekeing more supernatural power from the afterlife. Despite an onslaught of formidable spells, Maximo disables the drill and slays Achille, bringing an end to the conflict... or does it?

Upon reuniting with his beloved queen, Sophia, Maximo thinks all is well... until she starts laughing... and sprouting a tail from her dress: To Maximo's surprise and dismay, Sophia reveals herself - a demon who manipulated Achille into drilling for souls - all so that she could absorb his power. Now, this Demon Queen has one thing left on her list before moving onto world conquest: devouring Maximo! After a long battle admist darkness and thunder, Maximo emerges victorious, but his heart is heavy, having slain his beloved and seeing his kingdom in ruins. The socereress' try to console the crestfallen king, but it isn't until Grim examines the demon's corpse and makes a discovery - Sophia's alive. Leaving the sorceresses in charge as temporary stewards for the kingdom, Maximo decides to go on a quest to find Sophia, but he's not going alone. He calls Grim to his oath, and now the reaper of souls joins Maximo in searching the world for the missing Sophia.