Red Arremer

Red Arremer (レッドアリーマー Reddo Arīmā) is a species of red gargoyle-like demons skilled in both attack and defense, flying at will to avoid attacks and attacking ferociously. Unlike protector gargoyles, these creatures can't turn to stone, nor have any affinity with earth; they have a strong affinity with fire. They attack with an unpredictable mixture between dive bombing, dashing and fire breath attacks, occasionally calling forth helpers to join the fray.

Proud warriors, their only purpose is to defend their master. These elite soldiers know basic fire breath magic from birth, a skill that can be developed as they grow and evolve, especially the Red Blaze. Though they've served Astaroth, Lucifer, Samael and Hades, their loyalty lies with the Demon Realm Village itself.

Types of Red ArremersEdit

Red Arremer: Also known as Red Devil. Standard type with basic fire breath magic. Fastest form due to their small size. They can mutate into White Arremers in prolonged combat, which are much more aggressive than their base form.
GnG White Arremer
White Arremer: Evolved form of Red Arremer that is more aggressive.
Red Arremer King: A type chosen to carry revenge on Arthur in Ghouls 'n Ghosts, stopping at nothing to defeat him. He has a tail and forehead horn, and wears battle armor, apparently representing the species' nobility. They have basic fire breath magic, plus basic summoning magic, calling Blue Killers to assist them.
Red Arremer Joker: The ruler of the Red Arremer clan. His intellect is far superior than human beings and he has advanced fire and energy magic, plus advanced summoning magic, being able to call other Red Arremers. He dons heavy battle armor and has great physical strength, making him highly resistant to attacks, yet making him slightly slower than other types.
Red Arremer Ace: The Ace designation indicates the most aggressive of the Red Arremer types. They vow to exact revenge upon Arthur, who had defeated their precedessors, giving chase as long as they can see their target. They have basic fire breath and summoning magic.
Dark Red Devil: Only appearing when Hades is in charge of the Demon Realm, they seem to be a derivative of the King type. Wearing battle armor and having dark marks on their bodies, the dark Red Arremers are very aggressive, able to not only spit fire and dive at Arthur, but grab him and throw him to the ground, almost certainly destroying his armor in the process.

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