Also Known As Somuro
The Demon Dragon
From Demon's Crest
In Level I - Prologue
Type of Character Bosses
Somulo (ソムロ Somuro) is the first boss from Demon's Crest. Somulo was once an extremely powerful demon dragon that had the Crest of Heaven and lived in the crust between the Human World and Demon World. His power was so great, no human or demon could stand a chance against him. Firebrand fights the dragon for the crest, and although he wins, he is severely injured.

Thanks to the remaining power of the crest he had, Somulo is able to partially revive as a rotting dragon. While not as powerful as it used to be, Somulo was still a fearsome foe that became part of a spectacle from a colosseum in the Demon World. Somulo fights against Firebrand again in the colosseum, but is destroyed.


Somulo first chases Firebrand through the coliseum, trying to smash him with its massive claws. After chasing Firebrand to a dead end, the dragon starts attacking with fireballs that spread in a fire wave if they touch the ground.

Hit him when he lowers its head to shoot fireballs. However, he will only lower his head if Firebrand is on the ground. Otherwise it will attack from above.

After taking some damage, he will faint. While escaping the coliseum, Somulo will recover and try to chase Firebrand, but he will be stuck in the small door, only showing his head that will keep shooting the same fireballs, but meanwhile being completely defenseless. Three more hits and his head will not take it anymore, burning to a crisp and falling apart.


DC BO Somulo (Walking) DemonDragon
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